The new marriage law favors protection for men and against mistresses

關於-盈幣寶bingbon-獲得的免費100usdtIn modern society, the expectation of “commitment for life” seems increasingly unreasonable, and women have gradually learned to ask the other party to advance performance or prov合約交易平台-盈幣寶Bingbon-軍備賽活動落幕,前伍戰隊瓜分8萬USDTide collateral to protect their interests, and the best protection means is a large amount of collateral such as a house. Recently, the Supreme Court published a draft of the judi盈幣寶bingbon-新人專屬好禮 盈幣寶bingbon-新人專屬好禮cial interpretation of the marriage law. Most of the provisions focus on the definition of the couple’s joint property and personal property, and also involve the validity of the 與盈幣寶事業結合有哪些好處呢?promise on the property of a third party. Since this interpretation touches on many of the most sensitive aspects of marital disputes nowadays, it is worth taking some effort to u盈幣寶獲利見證nderstand what impact this interpretation will have on marriage and family at a time when the core of family property is increasingly large and people’s understanding of the respo盈幣寶事業結合-項目說明nsibilities involved in a marriage relationship is increasingly divided and ambiguous. The general impression is that, on the one hand (article 2), it aims to strengthen the exclu盈幣寶合約交易平台介紹sivity of marriage relationship and combat the possibility of the third party gaining benefits from the extramarital relationship. On the other hand (most clauses), it strongly st盈幣寶事業結合-集團簡介rengthens the limitation of marital responsibility; It identifies property as personal in almost all cases where the boundary between common property and personal property may be 盈幣寶Bingbon-官方唯一交流群ambiguous; Finally, it stresses once again the non-transactional nature of the decision to enter into a marriage, refusing to support the betrothal property transfer as part of th盈幣寶Bingbon-最大槓桿數及手續費調整公告e marriage contract.


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