Husband and wife check post, these new recruit you can?

尋親More than 90 percent of couples say they can’t get in touch with their partner, while 80 percent of women want to locate their partner, or check on them. Obviously, in bed such as water, derailment high hair age, check gang this ancient thing, and not as the advent of a new era to desalination, but more and more popular, more and more sophisticated means. So, the dietary men and women that is now, how is check gang again? Mobile positioning trendy index: ★★★; Practical index: ★ thought of using mobile phone location check post, is inspired by the child. Last year, the child began to go to primary school, in order to facilitate management, we bought him a child’s mobile phone. There’s a feature on the phone that lets us track his whereabouts at any time, and it alerts our parents when he’s out of range. Later, I did a lot of searching and installed a positioning software for my husband and my mobile phone. That way, wherever we go, we can keep track of each other. If he has the temerity to hang out with his rumoured colleague in a hotel or coffee shop for a long time, then they have something to do. He seemed unhappy about it and gave me the silent treatment for a few days. After a few days, he finally figured it out — not guilty, not afraid of ghosts knocking on the door! In this way, I was relieved that he would not go out “looking for wild 筆跡鑑定food”, but also guaranteed my sexual life…… (yiyi) ridicule: this check post method, looks very high-end, in fact very not practical. It is above all, must obtain the agreement of the other side, each other installs software that locate, then ability is carried out check post. The second is, so that the whereabouts of the whereabouts of the other party, it is easy to cause conflict. Who wants to be stared at at any time? Make bad, make divorce is likely drop. · warm and trendy index of phone calls: ★★; Practical index: ★★★ I also know, with this method check gang, really too old. But I really do not understand all kinds of new things, so had to use a stupid method, did not think there is a miracle. Last month, my husband went to Shanghai on business. I am not at ease naturally, Shanghai belle is much, not only have the possibility of a romantic encounter, still have the possibility to be “professional killer” mark on, in case he disarms surrender, that troublesome. So, from day one, I called him every night. On the phone, I didn’t ask him where he was or what he was doing. Instead, I asked him whether he was tired or not, and whether he thought about me. Be bored with so slanting ten minutes, the call of a tender feeling greeting, evolve eventually a distant and romantic telephone make love… Hear him in the telephone that passion ten tho侵權調查usand zhang of voice, my in the mind secretly happy: “this also almost, have no energy to have an affair!” Never think, my husband did not check the post suspicious, but to this never tried the phone make love to interest. The next night, even take the initiative to call back, a few words took me to the “no return to love”. So, the husband go on a business trip a week, I check guard a week, the result pour find out some romance come. By the time he got home, our feelings had risen several degrees… (xiao ying) ridicule: above this phone check post check into flirting, absolutely is a special case. Most of the time, the man outside the party, top don’t like the wife phone check post, no face. So, as a man, had better make an active call to report for duty, report clearly party place and participator, go home time is waited a moment, lest play arrive midway receive check gang phone, affect the mood. · search weibo trendy index: ★★★; My boyfriend likes to play micro-blog, which has become a good way for me to check his post. Generally, it doesn’t show where he’s sneaking around with other women or checking into a hotel room. However, after my long-term research, or to find the only way to monitor the guard. My boyfriend’s characteristic is, no matter how busy work, will send micro blog, write a plan, meeting, will send a picture of what up. If I訴訟證據蒐集 go out to play, as long as it doesn’t involve privacy, I will also tweet. But there is a point, as long as with me sweet words, immediately interrupted the micro-blog, the reason is that it will expose privacy. So, if he’s out on a business trip and suddenly stops tweeting for a few hours, it’s probably a mystery. Besides, all the interactions on weibo are visible. If he has frequent interactions with a female fan, he can also monitor that female fan. Put two people’s micro blog a correlation, what trend has come out. It is said that two men and women who opened the room were caught raping for Posting a lamp in the hotel on weibo at the same time. Hope I don’t run into such a “good thing”, hem! So, play micro blog this kind of thing, or don’t let his girlfriend know. Originally brush a micro blog, make a few friends, did not expect to also become a tool to check the gang. But then again, if you really want something to happen outside, who doesn’t know how to fake it? · staring at the circle of friends trendy index: ★★★; It is said that there is a woman who lives entirely in selfies. My wife is such a woman. To be honest, sometimes I think she is stupid. She takes selfies with everything and uploads them to WeChat circle of friends. The key is that there are selfie software to take pictures, and her face is decorated with pink powder. But that債務協商‘s fine. Occasionally, one of us has to go on a business trip, and her selfies posted on wechat moments have become a clue for me to check my post. Of course, I’m not stupid enough to look at what she says she’s doing somewhere. Have not had an example on the net: a woman is in guesthouse send from photograph, accidentally the leg of the man on the bed behind one’s back is sent out, do not give arrest to still want how to wear? So, as long as we are apart, I will not study the photos my wife posts in the circle of friends, especially pay attention to the shadow in the mirror, the small objects on the table and the bed. Fortunately, so many times, have not found a case. Although I know this is also too abnormal point, but, which man is not afraid of his wife to wear a cuckolded hat? (mark) hangzhou detective company joke: say the truth, to check the post on a good, aboveboard check. So small belly chicken ground guess to guess, not tired? Estimate go along like this for a long time, can turn oneself into mental derangement. A big man, actually also like a woman check post. Alas! · video call newness index: ★★★; Practical index: ★★★★ in fact, check the gang really not so tired, what microblogging, WeChat ah guess, call ah send SMS ah follow-up, are useless. What’s the best way? It’s just seeing someone sitting there. So, my method is network vid債務追討eo chat. As long as the husband out of the difference, every night at 9 o ‘clock to 11 o ‘clock, we will put through QQ video chat, there is no word, let it open. We were both relieved to have a full view of each other’s activities and of what was going on in the room. Nevertheless also have an exception of time, have a time, big evening of, neighbour eldest brother come to borrow hammer, I opened a door, he suddenly walk into the sitting room come, just appear in front of the computer, let husband see, cross-examine along while. Alas, this is my check his post, or he check my post? Of course, this also how many have a bit of appeal, see each other before video, unavoidably attune affection what of, occasionally still come a bit to take sweet and colourful chat law slightly, also be very interesting. I don’t know if my husband is bored, but I’m happy to be. Between husband and wife, only to see the eye, there will be true trust. (xiao min) joke: this return how get? Incredibly whole process video monitor, still have a bit privacy? Besides, do you really have to wait until the evening to have a chat? The couple, I think, just tried to cover it up. They overdid it. Get not good, two people have a problem yo. · preset trap trendy index: ★; Practical index: ★★★★ check post, must be justified, light without trace, otherwise must cause lover’s avers人際糾紛ion. My method, set a “trap” stealthily beforehand namely, can verify husband in the end very easily where. Once I went to Beijing on business for three days. I knew that when I left, he would be so happy that he would stay up late at night in the club. So at 10:30 that night, I called him and said, “honey, I left a notebook in the left drawer of my desk. Help me see if I’m here.” In fact, he hid in the nightclub toilet, casually replied: “ah!” I immediately asked, “where are you?” He insisted at home. I debunked him and said there wasn’t a notebook. The husband wanted to cry, the first night was caught in the act. For the next two days, I stayed at home and watched TV every night. Naturally, if he’s on a business trip, I’ll sneak a practical gadget in the corner of his suitcase and call him at night to find it. If he is not in the hotel room, there is no way to confirm, I will easily “check the post”. (cheng ling) make fun of: the woman on this world all cleverness, probably all use “check gang” top, it is all sorts of god skill, add all sorts of strange plot Yang mou. Suggest that women be recruited into the intelligence agency, absolutely effective ah. Ha ha. Of course, this little trick, or quite interesting. Just don’t take it too seriously, or the other person will feel embarrassed. · play high-tech trendy index: ★★★★; Practical index: ★子女行蹤調查★★ check gang, must keep pace with The Times, in addition to playing tenderness card, but also use high-tech. As early as last year when I was dating my boyfriend, I locked him into a status where I could check on him at any time. I found a dating app online and got him to install it. This app can be installed on both of our mobile phones. In addition to flirting online, it can also see where each other has been, where they are, etc., and, of course, share their daily experiences and moods. Such software is very suitable for the men and women in love, we are very enjoy. Of course, the boyfriend has not known, this is actually my one “conspiracy”, mainly in order to facilitate the inspection of the post, at any time to seize the kite string in the hand. Recently, I discovered something new, which is WeChat’s street view scanning function. If you want to know where your boyfriend is, just ask him to take a street view with WeChat scan, and you can pinpoint his location immediately. Thanks to this great age, I don’t have to call in a private detective. (liu xiaoye) ridicule: now these people who engage in software development, really very boring, completely do not care about the feelings of men, a little privacy all. Like dating software this kind of thing, if the lover put forward, do not install it to make her angry, install it to make yourself子女交往對像調查 angry, dilemma. · database trendy index: ★; As the wife of a public company CEO, it’s hard to keep track of her husband’s whereabouts. He was so busy, so social, flying all over the world all the time, with a whole host of male and female assistants at his side. But, as a lady, I’m afraid it would be quite out of place to be completely unrestrained. So, I also carefully check the post. I check the post, first is to establish the database of my husband, such as the address of his subordinate company, related business companies, especially around the female assistant, must be clear. I set up a document in the computer to store my husband’s information. In this way, every day my husband went to a place, I will have a specific and database analysis, to see if there is any problem with him. As for his photo, suddenly appear a female assistant, that must be a problem. If you find any doubt, investigate and find out. If there is bad trend, nature wants him to explain clear, brake in time. Make fun of: this world wife wants to master husband’s social relation and whereabouts completely, still pretty difficult actually. If every wife played like this, the days would be over and everyone would build a database and be a detective. This couple or couple, or leave some space, respect each other. Mind is used in this above went, which still has the romance子女人身保護 of two of a kind?


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