Notice to the parties of marriage case on proof

新竹徵信社推薦The parties in a marriage suit have the duty to provide evidence in support of their claims. Below the law express marriage law editor for your detailed introduction of the marriage case parties to the legal knowledge of proof notice. According to the law of the People’s Republic of China civil procedure law “the 64th” put forward by the parties for their claims, have the responsibility to provide evidence “and the s發現徵信社upreme people’s court of the People’s Republic of China the provisions about the civil action evidence, you should be within the time limit specified in our hospital, we provide the following evidence can’t provide on time, bear the legal consequences of proof cannot. Whoever forges or destroys evidence or instils, suborns or coerces others to commit perjury shall bear civil liability for obstructing civil proceeding徵信社經驗s; If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 1. Proof of marriage relationship (marriage certificate, id card, household register or certificate of marriage registration department). 2. In case of any dispute and divorce proceedings, legal documents such as judgment, mediation and ruling of the people’s court shall be provided, or certificates presented by the sub-dist如何防徵信社rict mediation committee and relevant units; 3, husband and wife common property (including purchase together after marriage, inheritance, donated income property after marriage, the two sides monthly income), premarital personal property (the source of the property, value, joint use fixed number of year) and family common property (provide bank account Numbers, invoices and other relevant documents, specify types, t桃園徵信社he original purchase value, quantity, date and location of source, purchase or obtain) and deal with the claims, with debt, provide name, address, loan creditors USES and processing opinion; 4. In case of injury caused by fighting between husband and wife, the diagnosis and treatment record of the hospital, certificate of neighborhood committee and forensic identification shall be provided. 5, the situation of childr台南徵信社推薦en (specify is a child born in marriage, or stepchildren, adopted children. The basic information of the deceased child, the adopted child, the place of residence of the present child, the certificate of the adopter, and the opinions on bringing up the child. 6. Family housing (who owns, shares or leases or borrows it), opinions on housing arrangements after divorce (where to move out, opinions from the receiving par徵信社身家調查ty, unit certificates, etc.); 7. If a third party is considered to be involved, provide the name, basic information and relevant evidence of the third party, name of the witness, work unit and address, etc. 8, physical defects, provide forensic or hospital identification. Patients suffering from mental illness, dementia, venereal diseases, etc., should provide evidence of illness duration, hospital diagnosis and trea徵信社查財產tment certificate, and no concealment at the time of marriage. 9. Evidentiary materials that can prove all or part of the facts of the case. The above-mentioned evidence shall be submitted in two originals and photocopies. In case of a foreign text, the Chinese translation shall be submitted at the same time. If the evidence comes from a foreign country or Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan region, it should be certified by 徵信社找車the Chinese embassy or consulate in that country or certified by a Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan law firm recognized by China. If, for objective reasons, evidence proving relevant to the case cannot be collected, a written application shall be submitted to the people’s court for verification. The application shall include the contents of verification, the depository of evidence, the department, the name, address and det 新北徵信社ails of the witness.


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