Lover unwilling to be dumped and hired for indecency my wife?

XLM盈幣寶Lover unwilling to be dumped and hired for indecency my wife? Married men, really don’t mess around with other women. I was blue with regret. But I dare not tell lensa that she has accepted all my SINS. Think of Chen lijuan that complacent and unshaped appearance, I do not play a place to anger. Rushed to her rented apartment, already empty. The landlord tugged at me: “she owes the second half of the rent, you pay money quickly.” How can I manage this now? I brought it on myself to get married and have an affair. Fellow townsman see fellow townsman, which is tearful — more stop, back put two gun. Lin zhiyuan Ming is dealing with me, it doesn’t matUSDT盈幣寶ter. Market such as battlefield, between men always play some wrist, get some means. But disaster than wife and children, Chen lijuan buried in my side is just. Why should even sha pay for my mistakes? This, too cruel! Now I understand whose woman Chen lijuan is. No wonder, then Lin zhiyuan’s face is so bad. But I had the initiative, and he and Chen lijuan were fighting. As for me, I am not careful to get involved in the double whirlpool of market and love. Still think, Chen lijuan is really love me. I am kind to her, but she is in cao ying and in han. Have been thinking of betrayal of her Lin zhiyuan, so I put forward to break up. This can not be TRX盈幣寶serious, Chen lijuan like crazy. She pointed at my nose and scolded me, “Chen mobai, how old are you? To throw off my mother?” This woman is as tough under the bed as she is under it. But I, a big man how to be frightened by her: “we together come, not fall apart. What’s in it?” “You dump me? Keep that in mind. Then you won’t regret it.” Go, go, go. I’m tired. The failure of the investment directly caused my business to go into a tailspin. I still borrow si tujia’s money pillar, throw off Chen lijuan is also one of lian sha’s requests. Can I refuse? My wife gave me the opportunity to go home, but this forgiveness with the money. Chen lijuan: I’m tiOKB盈幣寶red of it, too. Women are nothing more than that. Turn off the lights, boobs, boobs, boobs. Go through the current one first, and gradually talk about the others. But, Chen lijuan is not the lamp that saves oil really! I am sure that the man who tried to indecent liansha in the public parking lot must have been Chen lisa. They dragged lensa’s head into the bonnet and said, “do you dare to rob a man?” Even sha struggled and tried to explain. The two men had torn lensa’s clothes to pieces. Fortunately, the security guards saw the monitor and immediately stopped. Even sha escaped a bullet, also calculate the lucky in misfortune! Chen lijuan, don’t letNEO盈幣寶 me find you…


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