The private detective and his husband have been married for more than two years

USDTThe private detective and his husband have been married for more than two years. In love with the husband get married more than two years, there are three years, the husband honest wooden, I also belong to the kind of person who particularly conservative, so before we fall in love together for three years, there has been no sex, at most is also hug to sleep together, is one of the best, so that eventually became particularly troublesome things. We got married in January, 2012 to now, there are more than two yTRXears, hasn’t been inching, up to now I still a virgin, it is really difficult, let all of us in the nearly thirty age, relatives and friends have kids around, but both of us still have no, mother-in-law father-in-law also urged countless times, thought we were always contraception, or there is something wrong with the body, can not have children, drives us to see the doctor. They don’t know why. Now we are more and more torn, what is easy for others to come to us is impossible. Our story is probably the biggeOKBst joke in the world. No one else can do that. It is from the wedding night, the night may be too tired, we lie down after washing gargle, the husband has not any movement, and although I thought, but also do not belong to that kind of person who is active, so we went from our different sleep, there is another reason why, husband to conservative, in-laws live here also, that day he is estimated to be in the mind have obstacles, afraid of what they hear activity, thought in-laws, move again after sex, during tNEOhis time the husband hasn’t been said, some sleep, if like this also calculate, but it happened that my good friend and I talk about sex, She said that the first time the woman made love especially painful, some pain are crying, [private detective] so this sentence in my heart buried a curse. After a few days the parents-in-law moved away, the house left me and my husband, when the husband asked, but I have no courage, afraid of pain, afraid of pain, like the devil, has been around me. I don’t think I’ll everMOL have sex again.


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