For love, I may be hurt twice

臺灣徵信社服務公司When I write this article, perhaps my heart is still in a kind of entanglement and pain, perhaps this relationship for me had been so sweet and happy, had been so hard to remember, once upon a time I was so determined that the girl is the person I want to find, but the result? I and she is a unit of employees, but not in a place to work, by December 14 units a skill game I met her and add her QQ, she has a boyfriend, I don’t know whether or not and then chat through test I got the result, I am very happy, she is a girl and I are very alike, enterprising, ability is very good, especially I like to look at her smile, her eyes are very attractive, smile is a kind of brilliant sunshine lovely feeling to the person, or directly clear though, she is very beautiful, at least I have been think so. Our first call is at the end of the qq chat on the second day, the day we talked for nearly two hours, in-depth chat for the first time I feel in love with her, and then the next day I volunteered to her unit to meet her, it was my first time to go to with the purpose of dating to meet her, as she got off work at that time, she was wearing overalls and did not show how da台灣法律諮詢徵信社zzing, later she came home, changed his clothes, to tell the truth all feel different, I am so tempted, I feel she is so charming, eat on the way we chat very happy, after dinner with her out looked at her hair flying and pretty face, I felt like I was really drunk. In this way, we contact soon, of course, she didn’t admit that I’m her boyfriend, half a year’s time, we had a lot of memorable good time, or be with her when I feel the whole world is right, she actually refused my middle twice, but later we again good, in fact, she also told me, but I have other boy chasing her, or she was with another boy in maintaining the relationship like a friend not friend, later I learned that this boy turned out to be together with her work colleagues, they are in a place to work, drive her to work his drive to every day, I don’t know how long this kind of situation lasted, or when to start, because we are together is so sweet, sweet let I didn’t feel any flaw, then we’re going to leave on her birthday I feel together of the time, she said she made the choice, she and another boy together, I am very sad, her words for me like a bolt from the blue, I cried out to her eataiwan detective台灣徵信社rnestly, hard cried out to her, even let me put down the so-called man dignity, so this state lasted for three days, I every day begging her to come to their senses, but no effect, then there is this kind of dark days, can’t sleep, Unable to eat, mentally, physically and mentally, I felt as if I had lost my soul. How I wished I could see her, if only for a glimpse. Although points, but I still have a glimmer of hope, I still believe that she was able to come to their senses, because I know that she and another boy actually points of possibility is big, so maybe I will have a chance, so calm yourself injured heart, I try to contact with her again, in the process of contact with her and I have some close move, such as kissing, I feel that I am a spare tire, she said to my every move, and said if separated from the boys, we still had might be together. Sometimes together with her, another boy when the phone call, I will choose silently leave let her have the space, I sometimes feel really mean, actually I don’t poor conditions in local, I don’t know their wishful thinking what can last long, as it is called, actually I also want to from earlier in this case, btaiwan private detective台灣徵信社ecause she has brought me a very big impact, whether it is work, the body, but we were in a unit, sometimes I just want to focus on the development of her, I want to put down completely, but again not put, I still can’t help to think of him, what the hell am I going to do? Private detective reply: this world has how many men and women complain, how many love hate pester, in the reincarnation of life and death, already lost. Actually I also be same, the husband is cold to me, very not easy in [lie prone love net] installed a monitor software, discover outside have a woman. Think that under the blue lamp, who is beating wooden fish, gently twist buddhist beads. Perhaps all emotions, can be in the smoke of the smoke gradually into a virtual, then, what is our impenetrable life? The world you can’t squeeze into, don’t squeeze; Do not cross the threshold, do not cross; Do not force yourself to do what you cannot do, and do not force yourself to take what you cannot get. The outline of the years folded up, will be heavy to fall in the bottom of my heart, like an unknown secret, have secretly dispelled the past. We are constantly repeating the time, spend youth goprivate detectives台灣徵信社rgeous and pale.


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