Private detective, my husband cheated on me more than once

徵信社工作My marital problems are getting worse. My husband has cheated on me more than once. He likes to chat online, often secretly meet more than a number of female net friends, but also the constant occurrence of one-night stand, these can not tolerate. Once I for this matter extreme sad, irrational cry two make three hanging. Why my husband would go behind my back to find other women cheat, marriage to such a state, I have reflected on their own. Each betrayal, inserted a knife in my heart, my husband always gave me such a reason, in my body, he can not experience the pleasure of married life. Recall is also, these years every time is the husband initiative, I have a kind of cold feeling to th債務協商BLOGe sex life, the demand for sex is very low, especially he and other women romance, I dislike him dirty, do not want to happen with him what matter. Many times I would refuse sexual requests because of marital conflicts. When I was angry, I would not let him touch me at all. I can’t be close to someone when I’m angry, but then he’ll go out and have fun. Gradually he cheated on become a habit, over the years I’ve been dealing with the relationship problems between us, I don’t know what to do to let him go back, I thought of a divorce, and he also proposed, whenever at this time, he was very regret, cried foul, profession he cheat just in order to meet the demand of sex, his love is me. What徵信社營業項目 can I do? My sexual needs are not high. He betrays me again and again. Husband and wife quarrel, how should I let go, should refuse his husband and wife life request? Private investigator reply: husband and wife have refused to have sex with her husband, this kind of circumstance does not need to want to know the consequences, husband and wife is to maintain that relationship is very important things in life, as a normal man, sex is normal, you can not lift spirit because of the contradiction, he can’t get in your body, will be fun outside. Make conflict to find a way to solve, use sex as a bargaining chip, will only make your marriage cracks. The longer you get along between husband and徵信社真實案例 wife, the more novelty you lose, and the more tasteless your sex life will be. In addition to your intentional isolation, this is not to allow others to take advantage of it? Think about why your husband cheated, whether it was sexual dissatisfaction, or whether he didn’t take his marriage seriously. Identify the factors, understand why your marital problems exist, and get to the root of your problems to get your marriage back on track. If the quarrel makes you unhappy, you are really not in the mood, you can politely refuse, rather than directly tell the root cause, not only on the feelings of husband and wife, will let your marriage be swallowed up by the real life, the final spiraling out of control.


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