Left-behind mothers who sell their bodies to raise their children suffer from AIDS overnight

區塊鏈相關問答I married Chen ye when I was 18. At that time, the Chen ye family was a famous rich family in our town. At that time, my mother’s illness gradually deteriorated and ran out of the family stock. And a school brother, very poor life. I’m famous for my beauty. When Chen ye home asked people to come to my house to propose marriage, my father impulse was helpless. As long as I can marry Chen ye, my father will get a large amount of bride price money, although not a lasting plan, but for my family is a timely help. In order to help my mother, good morning private detective for the family to reduce the burden, I did not hesitate to go and Chen wild blind date. Did not expect that the young man looks quite handsome, words and deeds are very decent, there is no bad habit. I think Chen ye is a gift from god. According to the local custom, we made preparations for our marriage in the shortest time, and we got married in three months. Chen ye has two stores in the town, a clothing store and a mobile phone store. After marriage, father-in-law took Chen ye to the city to do building materials business, two stores respectively by my mother-in-law and I. May be the new strength of the marriage has not passed, Chen ye even bac區塊鏈的應用領域k twice a week. When I got pregnant, he came home less and less often. When the child is born, the building materials store of father-in-law just expands, Chen ye is busy everywhere loan, basic ignore our mother and child. I didn’t blame him. I knew he was so busy to make a good life for me and my children. All people envy my family happy, said Chen ye is now soaring, we will become city people in the future, just waiting to enjoy. I myself feel very happy to marry Chen ye. But to my surprise, two years later, Chen ye not only did not earn money in business, but also nostalgia on gambling and stocks. In the city, he got to know a boss named wang wu. He led him away and made merry. < / p > < p > father-in-law was Chen ye gas vomit blood, he lost everything, including the home of two stores. And was in debt, and had lost the gift of giving back. Finally, he escaped and disappeared. Father-in-law also has no face to come back again, stayed in the city to do odd jobs. It turned out that the clothing store I ran was transferred to a boss named Yang tong, who also owned a hardware store and a gas station in the town. Just compare the flower heart, I heard that he also kept two wives outside. When we hand區塊鏈的發展前景ed over the store, he saw that I was pretty, so he tried to give me more money. I turned him down on the spot. But he is still unwilling, often midnight send text messages to harass me. Sometimes he secretly gave me some clothes and presents. The child grows day by day, want to spend money everywhere, and Chen ye still did not come back. He calls me about once a month to tell me that he has been working in guangzhou and coming home to ask for debts one after another, and now he almost has no face to come back. He said later that he had started up business there again and would soon make a lot of money. He would go back then and beg me to take good care of the children. Once, the child had a high fever, I took home only a few hundred dollars to the hospital, but the doctor said to be in hospital, my mother-in-law borrowed several only to borrow less than 1,000 yuan. Money quickly ran out, the child’s condition is still not alleviated, can’t under, I thought of Yang tong, I with uneasy mood to him dial the phone, fortunately, he soon gave me 5,000 yuan. Later, as I had no financial resources, my child was malnourished, weak and often fell ill. Instead of being able to return Yang tong’s money, I borrowed it from區塊鏈系統的運行方式 him several times. During this time, I struggled with the utmost fear, and Yang tong burst into that relationship. The first time is in the night, I asked him to borrow money again, I was dressed up very beautiful, wearing a floral low-cut skirt, he let me go to the town of the hotel to see him, and let me accompany him to drink, finally put me on the bed, also tore my skirt, I in the middle of the pusher obedience to him. From then on, Yang tong became more and more loving to me. He often asked me to come in, and the private detective couldn’t wait for me every time. Sometimes daylight calls and says he wants me. For the child, I again and again endure the humiliation that comes from Yang tong. Until a few months later, I suddenly feel unwell, at the beginning I did not take it seriously, later more and more uncomfortable, went to the hospital a check, I suffered from AIDS. One misstep leads to a lifelong regret. It’s too late to say anything. Fortunately, I found out earlier, and doctors said that scientific treatment could extend my life as long as possible. Those days, I all day with tears, I can not put down is the child. Hope Chen ye can come back as soon as possible, accompany me in the face of all thi區塊鏈發展面臨的主要挑戰s falling apart.


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