Forgive husband and small 3 casually is conniving to continue to stray?

徵信社法務費用Forgive husband and small 3 casually is conniving to continue to stray? My husband and I are introduced to each other, before marriage, we had a conflict because of some things lead to break up, after all, three years of love, this relationship I still can not put down, I took the initiative to find him. After I got married, I lived with my mother-in-law. My husband is a very filial son and he would not object to anything my mother-in-law did. Later, after having a child, we often have a quarrel for the child, such as washing clothes, feeding and so on, we always dispute who do more who do less, there is good relationship between mother-in-law and daughter-in-law, I am very tired. Later they agreed to take the child back to the mother’s home, in fact, work is not tired, tired heart. Back at my mother’s, there was a lot less contention, but still. Then we had our own house, and since the child was no more than two years old, we basically stayed at my mother’s house. I begged him to give the child 1臺灣徵信社服務000 yuan to live on, but he didn’t agree. Also at the child basic two years old, he no longer bear the child any expenses, from time to time to kindergarten, in my plea, he just gave the child to pay tuition. The child 3 years of tuition fees are he bears, special long class undertakes by me entirely, nursery school nurseries fee one year 6000 or so, special long class is in 10000 or so. In the middle of that, we talked about divorce. I only wanted children. I gave up everything else, but he insisted on children and a house. So from time to time, a lot of friends asked me to Sue the court, after all, is the child’s father this kind of thing, I can not do. Let me give you some examples. When my son was young, I saw his grandmother’s feet, and my mother-in-law was watching the children eat. When I told my husband about it, he said, Children are silly. I thought to myself, your mother is not stupid, there are a lot of things like this. And my husband in economy never communicate with me, only when mo徵信社是如何找人ney time will ask me to, for example, to buy a house, will let me out a few money, the small expenditure in the family sometimes he buy, sometimes I buy, he once allowed to give me the pay card, from time to time did not cash. I know that his brother’s pay card is managed by my mother-in-law. Private detective reply: if I remember correctly, the same faking are you wrote to me (I painted for you your mother-in-law give children eat foot impression deepen), also must have been reply, as to why the usual letter again, is because I can’t see the reply, hope a while to see whether I can give no advice, I don’t know. After a long time, you still ask for the same help. It shows that your marital status has not stopped, or your life has stopped as usual. If what you said is the objective fact, marriage to this point is the obligation of each other, your character and he are also a penny-pinching person, will lead to the trifles of life into the marriage of the big conflict. Your mother-in-law let the chi徵信社價錢-徵信社收費方式ld eat feet this is really very bad, but from your telling, you and your mother-in-law also just get along not too long time, the child more than one year beginning from time to time with their parents, so suppose the mother-in-law conflict from time to time miss in mind, is also the root of the deterioration of the relationship between husband and wife; For a long time live in the home of his wife’s parents can not return home will also make the man very repressed. A man’s lack of filial piety (not sure if your husband is up to it) is a marriage wound, but so is a woman’s lack of excuse and tolerance. Most people find it difficult to be objective when asking for help. The contradictions in your marriage are caused by many factors. If you have been separated for several years, what are the chances of saving it? I am afraid that the heart has not been in your place, also talk about how to pay your pay card. If you really do not want to lose, first rectify their own character, and then seriously tal徵信社 委託書-如何委託徵信k to each other.


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