Man suspect son pyramid selling everywhere looking for the child enthusiastic net friend as a guide

徵信社工作On the 22nd, Mr. Wu and his son got in touch by phone, but xiao wu repeatedly changed the meeting place, and finally did not show up. The police have been investigating. Net friend post: small suspected pyramid selling dens on April 21, “qq1533268485” anhui net friend posted online, that has been on the K49 train to yichang rescue cheated pyramid selling cousin, the post caused a lot of net friends attention, yichang net friend Mr. Tian also took the initiative to get in touch with the poster, said he would like to be a guide to accompany them to find. Online user qq1533268485 surnamed zong, his cousin xiao wu, 19, came to yichang with Mr Zong to look for xiao wu, as well as his father, Mr Wu, and two other relatives and friend債務協商BLOGs. Mr Zong said xiao wu, a native of xiao county, anhui province, graduated from a technical secondary school last year and worked in a clothing store in tianjin after the Spring Festival. At the beginning of march this year, xiao wu told his family that he went to yichang with a classmate and started a clothing business. Then he asked his family for more than 10,000 yuan to support his child’s business. On April 7, xiao wu called his family again, asking for 60,000 yuan to open a clothing store near the university town. As Mr. Wu went around collecting money, a friend reminded him, “is the child cheated to engage in pyramid selling?” Then, Mr. Wu asked his son some details of the business, xiao wu did not answer up, Mr. Wu beg徵信社營業項目an to doubt up, so put forward to yichang, to help him look at the location of the clothing store, then decide whether to invest, xiao wu agreed. Citizens help: the street accompanied to find Mr. Zong said, because of the yichang is not familiar with, they will travel to the website, do not want to attract the attention of many netizens post, yichang citizens Mr. Tian saw the post, 22 and they took the initiative to contact, said can accompany them throughout the search. At 11 am on the 22nd, according to the agreement with his son, Mr Wu came to yichang long-distance bus station nearby. To everyone’s surprise, xiao wu changed the meeting place several times on the phone. After four or five hours, xiao wu sent a text message as徵信社真實案例king Mr. Wu, “why did you bring someone here?” And said he does not want to go back now, wait for two or three years to mix good contact. Public analysis: should meet in the vicinity of the three gorges university failed, xiao wu’s mobile phone has been shut down since then, Mr. Wu was disappointed. Yesterday, Mr. Wu to yichang city public security bureau economic investigation detachment reported the case, the police introduced, because did not call the police in advance, missed the best opportunity to let his son out to meet. Yesterday noon, the reporter saw Mr Wu a line, Mr Tian and they discuss how to find xiao wu, through the withdrawal records and other information, we judge that xiao wu is likely to be near the three gorges university.


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