Husband and wife check post, these new recruit you can?

尋親More than 90 percent of couples say they can’t get in touch with their partner, while 80 percent of women want to locate their partner, or check on them. Obviously, in bed such as water, derailment high hair age, check gang this ancient thing, and not as the advent of a new era to desalination, but more and more popular, more and more sophisticated means. So, the dietary men and women that is now, how is check gang again? Mobile positioning trendy index: ★★★; Practical index: ★ thought of using mobile phone location check post, is inspired by the child. Last year, the child began to go to primary school, in order to facilitate management, we bought him a child’s mobile phone. There’s a feature on the phone that lets us track his whereabouts at any time, and it alerts our parents when he’s out of range. Later, I did a lot of searching and installed a positioning software for my husband and my mobile phone. That way, wherever we go, we can keep track of each other. If he has the temerity to hang out with his rumoured colleague in a hotel or coffee shop for a long time, then they have something to do. He seemed unhappy about it and gave me the silent treatment for a few days. After a few days, he finally figured it out — not guilty, not afraid of ghosts knocking on the door! In this way, I was relieved that he would not go out “looking for wild 筆跡鑑定food”, but also guaranteed my sexual life…… (yiyi) ridicule: this check post method, looks very high-end, in fact very not practical. It is above all, must obtain the agreement of the other side, each other installs software that locate, then ability is carried out check post. The second is, so that the whereabouts of the whereabouts of the other party, it is easy to cause conflict. Who wants to be stared at at any time? Make bad, make divorce is likely drop. · warm and trendy index of phone calls: ★★; Practical index: ★★★ I also know, with this method check gang, really too old. But I really do not understand all kinds of new things, so had to use a stupid method, did not think there is a miracle. Last month, my husband went to Shanghai on business. I am not at ease naturally, Shanghai belle is much, not only have the possibility of a romantic encounter, still have the possibility to be “professional killer” mark on, in case he disarms surrender, that troublesome. So, from day one, I called him every night. On the phone, I didn’t ask him where he was or what he was doing. Instead, I asked him whether he was tired or not, and whether he thought about me. Be bored with so slanting ten minutes, the call of a tender feeling greeting, evolve eventually a distant and romantic telephone make love… Hear him in the telephone that passion ten tho侵權調查usand zhang of voice, my in the mind secretly happy: “this also almost, have no energy to have an affair!” Never think, my husband did not check the post suspicious, but to this never tried the phone make love to interest. The next night, even take the initiative to call back, a few words took me to the “no return to love”. So, the husband go on a business trip a week, I check guard a week, the result pour find out some romance come. By the time he got home, our feelings had risen several degrees… (xiao ying) ridicule: above this phone check post check into flirting, absolutely is a special case. Most of the time, the man outside the party, top don’t like the wife phone check post, no face. So, as a man, had better make an active call to report for duty, report clearly party place and participator, go home time is waited a moment, lest play arrive midway receive check gang phone, affect the mood. · search weibo trendy index: ★★★; My boyfriend likes to play micro-blog, which has become a good way for me to check his post. Generally, it doesn’t show where he’s sneaking around with other women or checking into a hotel room. However, after my long-term research, or to find the only way to monitor the guard. My boyfriend’s characteristic is, no matter how busy work, will send micro blog, write a plan, meeting, will send a picture of what up. If I訴訟證據蒐集 go out to play, as long as it doesn’t involve privacy, I will also tweet. But there is a point, as long as with me sweet words, immediately interrupted the micro-blog, the reason is that it will expose privacy. So, if he’s out on a business trip and suddenly stops tweeting for a few hours, it’s probably a mystery. Besides, all the interactions on weibo are visible. If he has frequent interactions with a female fan, he can also monitor that female fan. Put two people’s micro blog a correlation, what trend has come out. It is said that two men and women who opened the room were caught raping for Posting a lamp in the hotel on weibo at the same time. Hope I don’t run into such a “good thing”, hem! So, play micro blog this kind of thing, or don’t let his girlfriend know. Originally brush a micro blog, make a few friends, did not expect to also become a tool to check the gang. But then again, if you really want something to happen outside, who doesn’t know how to fake it? · staring at the circle of friends trendy index: ★★★; It is said that there is a woman who lives entirely in selfies. My wife is such a woman. To be honest, sometimes I think she is stupid. She takes selfies with everything and uploads them to WeChat circle of friends. The key is that there are selfie software to take pictures, and her face is decorated with pink powder. But that債務協商‘s fine. Occasionally, one of us has to go on a business trip, and her selfies posted on wechat moments have become a clue for me to check my post. Of course, I’m not stupid enough to look at what she says she’s doing somewhere. Have not had an example on the net: a woman is in guesthouse send from photograph, accidentally the leg of the man on the bed behind one’s back is sent out, do not give arrest to still want how to wear? So, as long as we are apart, I will not study the photos my wife posts in the circle of friends, especially pay attention to the shadow in the mirror, the small objects on the table and the bed. Fortunately, so many times, have not found a case. Although I know this is also too abnormal point, but, which man is not afraid of his wife to wear a cuckolded hat? (mark) hangzhou detective company joke: say the truth, to check the post on a good, aboveboard check. So small belly chicken ground guess to guess, not tired? Estimate go along like this for a long time, can turn oneself into mental derangement. A big man, actually also like a woman check post. Alas! · video call newness index: ★★★; Practical index: ★★★★ in fact, check the gang really not so tired, what microblogging, WeChat ah guess, call ah send SMS ah follow-up, are useless. What’s the best way? It’s just seeing someone sitting there. So, my method is network vid債務追討eo chat. As long as the husband out of the difference, every night at 9 o ‘clock to 11 o ‘clock, we will put through QQ video chat, there is no word, let it open. We were both relieved to have a full view of each other’s activities and of what was going on in the room. Nevertheless also have an exception of time, have a time, big evening of, neighbour eldest brother come to borrow hammer, I opened a door, he suddenly walk into the sitting room come, just appear in front of the computer, let husband see, cross-examine along while. Alas, this is my check his post, or he check my post? Of course, this also how many have a bit of appeal, see each other before video, unavoidably attune affection what of, occasionally still come a bit to take sweet and colourful chat law slightly, also be very interesting. I don’t know if my husband is bored, but I’m happy to be. Between husband and wife, only to see the eye, there will be true trust. (xiao min) joke: this return how get? Incredibly whole process video monitor, still have a bit privacy? Besides, do you really have to wait until the evening to have a chat? The couple, I think, just tried to cover it up. They overdid it. Get not good, two people have a problem yo. · preset trap trendy index: ★; Practical index: ★★★★ check post, must be justified, light without trace, otherwise must cause lover’s avers人際糾紛ion. My method, set a “trap” stealthily beforehand namely, can verify husband in the end very easily where. Once I went to Beijing on business for three days. I knew that when I left, he would be so happy that he would stay up late at night in the club. So at 10:30 that night, I called him and said, “honey, I left a notebook in the left drawer of my desk. Help me see if I’m here.” In fact, he hid in the nightclub toilet, casually replied: “ah!” I immediately asked, “where are you?” He insisted at home. I debunked him and said there wasn’t a notebook. The husband wanted to cry, the first night was caught in the act. For the next two days, I stayed at home and watched TV every night. Naturally, if he’s on a business trip, I’ll sneak a practical gadget in the corner of his suitcase and call him at night to find it. If he is not in the hotel room, there is no way to confirm, I will easily “check the post”. (cheng ling) make fun of: the woman on this world all cleverness, probably all use “check gang” top, it is all sorts of god skill, add all sorts of strange plot Yang mou. Suggest that women be recruited into the intelligence agency, absolutely effective ah. Ha ha. Of course, this little trick, or quite interesting. Just don’t take it too seriously, or the other person will feel embarrassed. · play high-tech trendy index: ★★★★; Practical index: ★子女行蹤調查★★ check gang, must keep pace with The Times, in addition to playing tenderness card, but also use high-tech. As early as last year when I was dating my boyfriend, I locked him into a status where I could check on him at any time. I found a dating app online and got him to install it. This app can be installed on both of our mobile phones. In addition to flirting online, it can also see where each other has been, where they are, etc., and, of course, share their daily experiences and moods. Such software is very suitable for the men and women in love, we are very enjoy. Of course, the boyfriend has not known, this is actually my one “conspiracy”, mainly in order to facilitate the inspection of the post, at any time to seize the kite string in the hand. Recently, I discovered something new, which is WeChat’s street view scanning function. If you want to know where your boyfriend is, just ask him to take a street view with WeChat scan, and you can pinpoint his location immediately. Thanks to this great age, I don’t have to call in a private detective. (liu xiaoye) ridicule: now these people who engage in software development, really very boring, completely do not care about the feelings of men, a little privacy all. Like dating software this kind of thing, if the lover put forward, do not install it to make her angry, install it to make yourself子女交往對像調查 angry, dilemma. · database trendy index: ★; As the wife of a public company CEO, it’s hard to keep track of her husband’s whereabouts. He was so busy, so social, flying all over the world all the time, with a whole host of male and female assistants at his side. But, as a lady, I’m afraid it would be quite out of place to be completely unrestrained. So, I also carefully check the post. I check the post, first is to establish the database of my husband, such as the address of his subordinate company, related business companies, especially around the female assistant, must be clear. I set up a document in the computer to store my husband’s information. In this way, every day my husband went to a place, I will have a specific and database analysis, to see if there is any problem with him. As for his photo, suddenly appear a female assistant, that must be a problem. If you find any doubt, investigate and find out. If there is bad trend, nature wants him to explain clear, brake in time. Make fun of: this world wife wants to master husband’s social relation and whereabouts completely, still pretty difficult actually. If every wife played like this, the days would be over and everyone would build a database and be a detective. This couple or couple, or leave some space, respect each other. Mind is used in this above went, which still has the romance子女人身保護 of two of a kind?

The new marriage law favors protection for men and against mistresses

關於-盈幣寶bingbon-獲得的免費100usdtIn modern society, the expectation of “commitment for life” seems increasingly unreasonable, and women have gradually learned to ask the other party to advance performance or prov合約交易平台-盈幣寶Bingbon-軍備賽活動落幕,前伍戰隊瓜分8萬USDTide collateral to protect their interests, and the best protection means is a large amount of collateral such as a house. Recently, the Supreme Court published a draft of the judi盈幣寶bingbon-新人專屬好禮 盈幣寶bingbon-新人專屬好禮cial interpretation of the marriage law. Most of the provisions focus on the definition of the couple’s joint property and personal property, and also involve the validity of the 與盈幣寶事業結合有哪些好處呢?promise on the property of a third party. Since this interpretation touches on many of the most sensitive aspects of marital disputes nowadays, it is worth taking some effort to u盈幣寶獲利見證nderstand what impact this interpretation will have on marriage and family at a time when the core of family property is increasingly large and people’s understanding of the respo盈幣寶事業結合-項目說明nsibilities involved in a marriage relationship is increasingly divided and ambiguous. The general impression is that, on the one hand (article 2), it aims to strengthen the exclu盈幣寶合約交易平台介紹sivity of marriage relationship and combat the possibility of the third party gaining benefits from the extramarital relationship. On the other hand (most clauses), it strongly st盈幣寶事業結合-集團簡介rengthens the limitation of marital responsibility; It identifies property as personal in almost all cases where the boundary between common property and personal property may be 盈幣寶Bingbon-官方唯一交流群ambiguous; Finally, it stresses once again the non-transactional nature of the decision to enter into a marriage, refusing to support the betrothal property transfer as part of th盈幣寶Bingbon-最大槓桿數及手續費調整公告e marriage contract.

Notice to the parties of marriage case on proof

新竹徵信社推薦The parties in a marriage suit have the duty to provide evidence in support of their claims. Below the law express marriage law editor for your detailed introduction of the marriage case parties to the legal knowledge of proof notice. According to the law of the People’s Republic of China civil procedure law “the 64th” put forward by the parties for their claims, have the responsibility to provide evidence “and the s發現徵信社upreme people’s court of the People’s Republic of China the provisions about the civil action evidence, you should be within the time limit specified in our hospital, we provide the following evidence can’t provide on time, bear the legal consequences of proof cannot. Whoever forges or destroys evidence or instils, suborns or coerces others to commit perjury shall bear civil liability for obstructing civil proceeding徵信社經驗s; If a crime is constituted, criminal responsibility shall be investigated according to law. 1. Proof of marriage relationship (marriage certificate, id card, household register or certificate of marriage registration department). 2. In case of any dispute and divorce proceedings, legal documents such as judgment, mediation and ruling of the people’s court shall be provided, or certificates presented by the sub-dist如何防徵信社rict mediation committee and relevant units; 3, husband and wife common property (including purchase together after marriage, inheritance, donated income property after marriage, the two sides monthly income), premarital personal property (the source of the property, value, joint use fixed number of year) and family common property (provide bank account Numbers, invoices and other relevant documents, specify types, t桃園徵信社he original purchase value, quantity, date and location of source, purchase or obtain) and deal with the claims, with debt, provide name, address, loan creditors USES and processing opinion; 4. In case of injury caused by fighting between husband and wife, the diagnosis and treatment record of the hospital, certificate of neighborhood committee and forensic identification shall be provided. 5, the situation of childr台南徵信社推薦en (specify is a child born in marriage, or stepchildren, adopted children. The basic information of the deceased child, the adopted child, the place of residence of the present child, the certificate of the adopter, and the opinions on bringing up the child. 6. Family housing (who owns, shares or leases or borrows it), opinions on housing arrangements after divorce (where to move out, opinions from the receiving par徵信社身家調查ty, unit certificates, etc.); 7. If a third party is considered to be involved, provide the name, basic information and relevant evidence of the third party, name of the witness, work unit and address, etc. 8, physical defects, provide forensic or hospital identification. Patients suffering from mental illness, dementia, venereal diseases, etc., should provide evidence of illness duration, hospital diagnosis and trea徵信社查財產tment certificate, and no concealment at the time of marriage. 9. Evidentiary materials that can prove all or part of the facts of the case. The above-mentioned evidence shall be submitted in two originals and photocopies. In case of a foreign text, the Chinese translation shall be submitted at the same time. If the evidence comes from a foreign country or Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan region, it should be certified by 徵信社找車the Chinese embassy or consulate in that country or certified by a Hong Kong, Macao or Taiwan law firm recognized by China. If, for objective reasons, evidence proving relevant to the case cannot be collected, a written application shall be submitted to the people’s court for verification. The application shall include the contents of verification, the depository of evidence, the department, the name, address and det 新北徵信社ails of the witness.

The success of private investigators stems from weak privacy protections

徵信社有哪些服務項目On the Internet, he is a skilled senior “private investigator”; In reality, he can’t even spell 26 English letters. Is such a elementary school level person, actually cheated more than 20 people. Recently, wang was arrested by tongan police, as of yesterday, has been identified involved in more than 200,000 yuan. After wang was caught, his QQ also kept having “customers” to investigate others. Such a simple way, even swindled a huge amount of money, let a person feel incredible. Especially, wang mou is a person of primary school level however, and the victim that is swindled is a lot of see much knowledge, why be deceived unexpectedly however? Perhaps, for these 臺灣徵信社私家偵探服務victims, their hearts do exist “husband derailment” question, eager to find out the whereabouts of the husband, but also not willing to give money to the perpetrator of fraud! In fact, think carefully, the reason is not just lies in the victim’s ideas how naive, how inadequate the ability to recognize. More importantly, in the current society, personal privacy is extremely easy to expose, and it is not difficult for some criminals to obtain the whereabouts of others. For example, not long ago, some of the domestic website information leakage, as long as the input of id number, you can query any one person’s accommodation. For another example, devices such as eave台灣台北徵信社-台北抓姦-台北感情挽回sdropping and taking candid photos can be found everywhere. It is easy to operate, and as long as you spend some time and energy, you can easily see every move of citizens. Based on this reality, it is not surprising that the victim in the report first thought of hiring a “private detective” when he suspected his husband of cheating on him. After all, in the victim’s mind, want to get his husband’s whereabouts is not difficult, only need “private detective” tracking shadowing enough. Of course, the report of the suspect wang is only fraud, and did not put into action. If, its is after collecting fee, undertake supervising to other follow up, it is not difficult a台灣設計離婚徵信社lso, nevertheless the individual privacy of others is inevitable divulge is undoubted. In front of the case, although the suspect’s behavior succeeded, but did not leak the privacy of others. However, we have to think seriously, the existence of the “private detective” market, how many people’s privacy will be exposed? In reality, we often see some of the online exposure of some content, which contains a lot of personal privacy, it is frightening. Therefore, no matter whether the “private detective” is true or false, his behavior of revealing others’ privacy should be subject to corresponding supervision and punishment, so as to avoid infringement of citizens’ pe台灣徵信社推薦-台灣徵信社評價rsonal privacy.

Would you hire a “private detective”, in Beijing, nanjing, chengdu, shenyang and other large and medium-sized cities, “private detectives” exist openly or secretly in people’s lives in the name of “investigation agencies”, and play a variety of roles. Beijing haidian district has a business research center at home and abroad such as copyright, trademark and patent holder, holder of the agent to carry on the preliminary investigation, to assist in law enforcement, law enforcement agencies including the use of investigation “bait”, help the holder as soon as possible, provide a document of title, issue identification, benefit is good. Liaoxi has a professional investigation company, because of its special to spy on the privacy of others for profit was destroyed by the public security jinzhou city. Since its establishment, this research company has received two business deals, both of which are to investigate women who suspect their husbands are having an affair, and to follow, stalk and take photos of the people under investigation. This kind of behavior seriously violates citizens’ right of privacy and portrait. If you need to investigate and collect evidence in your life, would you hire a “private detective”? Loose snow sorts out dare not hire “private detective” sun li (trade union cadre) in real life, although I urgently need investigation, collect evidence, still dare not hire “private detective”, main reason has 3: it is to doubt “private detective” legitimacy. I think the main reason why “private detective” goes to “work” in the name of “investigative agency” nowadays is that he does not have a legal business license. That’s why I’m afraid to hire. The second is to estimate the technicality of “private detective”. Just because “private detective” nowadays is more mysterious, how is the comprehensive quality of its member? What about equipment? Whether have modern detective, snoop means, basically know nothing. If its technical means only stay at the low level of “snooping” in the 1930s and 1940s, such as tracking, stalking and candid photos, it will seriously violate the right of privacy and portrait of citizens. Isn’t that spending money to get into trouble? Third, do not understand the credibility of “private detective”. For example, will the “inspector” get a lot of money at both ends? He even became the object of an “anti-detective”. These misgivings prevented me from dealing with private detectives. Yao junxi (worker) “private detective” has taken advantage of a loophole in the law. Above all, the concerned law of our country is specified in writing: our country has only public security mechanism, procuratorial organ, court, national security mechanism and lawyer to investigate collect evidence inside respective limits, issue legal opinion paper to wait. Second, China’s copyright, trademark and patent rights all have their own special agencies, which are stipulated by the general principles of the civil law. If the author needs to investigate, evidence, then hire a lawyer. I’ll hire private detective cao haijian (lawyer) I’m in favor of hiring private detective. “Civil procedure law” the regulation in our country “general” proof of principle is “who advocate who proof”, but the parties in the face of fake and shoddy products infringe intellectual property rights, the problem such as “an affair” often helpless, helpless, the reason is that the parties may not have time and energy also lack the necessary means to investigate and collect evidence. “Lawyer law” regulation: “lawyer investigates collect evidence to want to agree via concerned unit or individual.” It is virtually impossible for a lawyer to obtain such evidence. It is difficult for a party to collect evidence to support his claim in a lawsuit. These problems can be solved by hiring “private detectives”. Another advantage of entrusting “private detective” for investigation is that it can avoid the possible inc徵信社服務項目onvenience caused by the direct appearance of the client, thus effectively safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of the client. Of course, the activities of “private detective” should be subject to the relevant laws and regulations. The ma yingjie (judge) ‘private investigation body’ caters to a social need. First of all, the existence of professional “private detective” can make up for the lack of personal forensic ability. Because, in fierce market competition, the form of dispute is complex and diverse, evidence collection process is no longer just investigation and inquiry, sometimes also need to pay attention to strategy or use professional technical means, which is no longer an individual can complete. Secondly, the existence of “private detective” can free the disputing parties from investigation and evidence collection and reduce the waste of energy. I am doing “private detective” pan boying (old soldier) “private detective” too need in social life, I am in all kinds of helpless circumstance falls, do “private detective”. On the night of August 14, 2000, my nephew was driving normally on the highway when he was hit by an illegal vehicle behind him. As a result, his head was seriously injured and he bled to death. There were three people on the vehicle. They did not call the police or help save the wounded. After the accident, the traffic police brigade of a county public security bureau in hebei province tried to arrest people, but the local police station did not cooperate, so there was no result. More than half a year after the accident, I on the one hand is to please the public security bureau to try to arrest people, on the other hand is to do their best to detective the whereabouts of the perpetrators. I set up an agency. Hire the locals to be my “private investigator.” You can only take one step and see how it works. I hired “private detective” Chen wangui (farmer) my son stole an old pager and was caug警民徵信社BLOGht by the police. The public security bureau decided to put my son through labor for one year. When the news came back, we felt that the public security bureau was overhandling the case and we didn’t know where to start. One day my neighbor told me: you can ask “private detective” to try. Chaoyang city some investigation firm accepted my commission. They searched for the owner, asked witnesses, investigated and collected evidence, and learned about the re-education through labor standard where the crime was committed. The theft was worth 700 to 1,000 yuan. The pager my son stole was assessed at 826 yuan, which is the correct price. But “private detective” verified that they did not “look at the evaluation”, the evidence of violating the evaluation procedure, the stolen pager was damaged in many places, the function was not complete, the owner wanted to sell, asking 300 yuan, 180 yuan to the price did not clincher a deal, after no one asked. The public security bureau’s estimate is not true. My son has no record in school and no misdemeanors of origin. Accordingly I appeal to concerned branch lawfully. After reviewing the evidence provided by the “private detective”, the department reversed the original decision of re-education through labor for one year and restored my son’s personal freedom. Wang hulin (soldier) last year, the parents of a colleague of mine had a dispute with their neighbor over the homestead. During the dispute, the father of the colleague was injured by the other side. This was a very ordinary civil disputes, but law enforcement personnel in the investigation, the witnesses for fear of neighbors, dare not to testify, and my colleague because the job is busy also don’t go back, the issue has been dragged on, in this case, the colleague to find a “firm”, to solve problems quickly. In the future, private detectives are likely to become effective in assisting law enforcement agencies to handle cases in accordanc徵信社案例e with the law.

Private detective: why do men seek extramarital love?

與盈幣寶事業結合有哪些好處呢?1, seek physical stimulation: such as one night stand, whoring. 2. Comfort of short emotion: the woman is strong, regardless of her husband’s psychological feelings, and the couple lacks effective communication. 3, the husband of flower heart: this kind of man although husband and wife affection is normal, but bec盈幣寶獲利見證ause the spirit is exuberant, often restrain oneself steal fishy idea. 4, the will is not firm man: this kind of condition is common fit in the middle age of the husband, because be in career golden period, economic condition is better, the personality charm is becoming mature at the same time also attracted the s盈幣寶事業結合-項目說明ide woman (even is the occupation small 3) love, face temptation, the will is not firm man nature is captured by her person. 5, wife’s eyes “good husband” : they love my wife very much, but they also have the habit of carrying his wife to find a wife style opposite extramarital affair object, at the same time in f盈幣寶合約交易平台介紹ront of his wife hiding very well. 6. Differentiated needs caused by aesthetic fatigue of the wife: facing the wife who has been known for a long time every day, I often feel monotonous, thus seeking another kind of love life that can bring different feelings, even if the object of the extramarital affair is not a盈幣寶事業結合-集團簡介s good as my wife.

Private detective, my girlfriend thinks I’m a pain in the ass detective, my girlfriend thinks I’m a pain in the ass. My girlfriend and I started dating last month, but there have been a lot of problems, the most important is that she always suspect me, even if I accompany careful, also can’t please her. Girlfriend is the kind of temper more irritable, a little little things will be angry, lifelong gas deleted my QQ, call also do not pick up, to and again deleted and add, a total of six times. When I’m angry, she won’t listen to anything I say. Usually every time I call her she asked me to talk to her, she occasionally said, but I am talking about my things, I want to share her life, every time she said tired do not want to talk. One day, I began to find myself every day to say back and forth are those words, she began to feel I am bored, called me to talk, I do not know what to say, she gave me a countdown, 3, 2, 1. As soon as I don’t spe基隆徵信社推薦ak, she hangs up in anger. In fact, she is not angry when I am very good, just lifelong gas what words can scold with me. I don’t know what to do. I love her very much, but I really don’t know how to get along with her without annoying her. P.i. : do you want her to leave you alone, or do you want her to stop taking it to extremes? Suppose it is the former, it is not likely to be measured. Because life itself is full of trouble, and we are not g台北徵信社推薦od. Assuming the latter, you need to understand that this is her way of expressing her feelings, which is related to her growing experience. She was such a person who alternated between sunshine and thunder. She extreme, you at least part of the likes of this extreme — you said, she is more irritable, but not angry when you “very” good, you love her. She is such, high energy, always in different ways to release. You accept her as “nature itself新北徵信社推薦 is changeable”.

Lover unwilling to be dumped and hired for indecency my wife?

XLM盈幣寶Lover unwilling to be dumped and hired for indecency my wife? Married men, really don’t mess around with other women. I was blue with regret. But I dare not tell lensa that she has accepted all my SINS. Think of Chen lijuan that complacent and unshaped appearance, I do not play a place to anger. Rushed to her rented apartment, already empty. The landlord tugged at me: “she owes the second half of the rent, you pay money quickly.” How can I manage this now? I brought it on myself to get married and have an affair. Fellow townsman see fellow townsman, which is tearful — more stop, back put two gun. Lin zhiyuan Ming is dealing with me, it doesn’t matUSDT盈幣寶ter. Market such as battlefield, between men always play some wrist, get some means. But disaster than wife and children, Chen lijuan buried in my side is just. Why should even sha pay for my mistakes? This, too cruel! Now I understand whose woman Chen lijuan is. No wonder, then Lin zhiyuan’s face is so bad. But I had the initiative, and he and Chen lijuan were fighting. As for me, I am not careful to get involved in the double whirlpool of market and love. Still think, Chen lijuan is really love me. I am kind to her, but she is in cao ying and in han. Have been thinking of betrayal of her Lin zhiyuan, so I put forward to break up. This can not be TRX盈幣寶serious, Chen lijuan like crazy. She pointed at my nose and scolded me, “Chen mobai, how old are you? To throw off my mother?” This woman is as tough under the bed as she is under it. But I, a big man how to be frightened by her: “we together come, not fall apart. What’s in it?” “You dump me? Keep that in mind. Then you won’t regret it.” Go, go, go. I’m tired. The failure of the investment directly caused my business to go into a tailspin. I still borrow si tujia’s money pillar, throw off Chen lijuan is also one of lian sha’s requests. Can I refuse? My wife gave me the opportunity to go home, but this forgiveness with the money. Chen lijuan: I’m tiOKB盈幣寶red of it, too. Women are nothing more than that. Turn off the lights, boobs, boobs, boobs. Go through the current one first, and gradually talk about the others. But, Chen lijuan is not the lamp that saves oil really! I am sure that the man who tried to indecent liansha in the public parking lot must have been Chen lisa. They dragged lensa’s head into the bonnet and said, “do you dare to rob a man?” Even sha struggled and tried to explain. The two men had torn lensa’s clothes to pieces. Fortunately, the security guards saw the monitor and immediately stopped. Even sha escaped a bullet, also calculate the lucky in misfortune! Chen lijuan, don’t letNEO盈幣寶 me find you…

Ten years amorous small three, to be born again was the lover refers to heartless

徵信社I am a small 3, publish here certain meeting is besieged spit scold despise, experienced this ten years, till today, the feeling is like a dream. Introduce with private detective, that man abbreviation A, 12 years ago A strange combination of circumstances know him, at that time only 19 years old I pure and innocent, use A’s words like A blank sheet of paper. He launched A fierce pursuit for me. A was 20 years older than me. At that time, I didn’t even look at A man who could be my father. Perhaps a person alone in the field of work, the heart will still be lonely, and is in the flower season as easily confused age. A would often chat with me and analyze my confusion. It lasted about a year. My life is to go to work, the place that goes to work meets festival to often can receive flower, this among them certainly have A to send, he never avoids meeting to say he likes me. There was a lot of fresh meat chasing me. Until one day, A continuous week I did not receive A phone call, only to find myself A little uncomfortable. The first initiative dial past. He croaked that he was ill. I just found myself unexpectedly inexplicable worry. My heart is restless. Work is also distracted, A colleague seems to see my mind, tentatively asked me not like A? I said no, he’s not my type. A few days later A to the place where I work to find me, ask me out to talk A lot, said how much he love me, love at first sight for me, anyway is some sweet words, I was youthful and shy, though embarrassed to speak, but want to half A day or straightforward asked him, so big you must have A family not qualified to like me? After saying this, I blushed to my neck. Because since childhood, I think the third party is shameful. A may have never thought I would be so direct, thought A little, sighed, the first time took my hand and said to me, although I was married, but divorced. I was overwhelmed and guilty. I feel like a bloody scene in a TV drama. From that day on, I began to accept A’s dating. Although I had known A for A year and had been texting and calling, I never went out with him. There’s a lot to talk about with him. How could I possibly like you and accept your date? He said you like me, I called jincheng suzhijinshi. One day A sent me back to my place and gave me A thousand yuan. I didn’t want to do that. I said that I felt like the mistress you kept. A: take it. You only make 1,500 A month. It’s no use trying to buy extra stuff. In the end, I refused. When I got home that day, I thought a lot in bed and struggled. I couldn’t like such a person. He has a family. One day I rest, A took me to the zoo, that is A person summer, very hot. In the afternoon, A said to find A shady place to have tea. Finally, he said there was A new hotel in XX. He took me there. One drink is all afternoon, finally A lie on the chair doze off. Guests at other tables nearby, perhaps feeling unseemly, A asked the service to open A room and change the tea into A room. So I followed him with trepidation. In the room, A suddenly stopped feeling sleepy and began to touch my long hair, hug my shoulder and kiss my forehead. I was blushing. I said no, just for tea. He kept saying how much he liked me and was attracted to me the first time. And kissed my hand. I was completely frozen, scared, my face like a hot apple. He said I was so cute when I was shy! Slowly I did not reject his hug and kiss, my heart is full of happiness. When A’s hand started trying to undo the buckle on my jeans, I got nervous! Say no loudly!! You have a family, I want to leave my first time to my future husband! A woke up A little from the state of intoxication and just hugged me without further aggression. That day, A and I spent our first night in A hotel. We didn’t have a night to break through the last line of defense. The next day afte婦幼徵信社r work, A came to pick me up and prepared to take me to the hotel, but I refused seriously. There was a moment of awkward silence. A threw her arms around me and began to kiss me. I wanted to rebel, but I was out of control. But every time A tries to take over me, I fight back. A converges. This went on for about three days when A called me one night. I’d love to. I had just finished work. I said I had gone home. A said he’d pick me up. That night, A took me to the hotel where I was going for the first time. The other day A hugged me and said A lot about the heart. How unfortunate it was that he had become his wife’s spare, and that his wife had driven his parents out of the house, saying that no woman had ever liked him in his life. Because of the image problem. Anyway, it is painful to Sue the history of the revolution. It’s just a pity that I didn’t know that when I was young. Feel A good pity, full of sympathy for him. Plus the heart of the more than a year contact, or like him, he is so kind and talented. When A tried to invade me further, I reflexively refused. This time A was in pain and asked me with A little anger. Don’t you like me? So don’t give yourself to me? So you can find someone else? Was he this series of questions I do not know how to answer good, in my daze moment, he pursued the victory, completely conquered me! He one night, he gently said to me will be responsible for me, so after one year and three months, I became A woman! My first was to this man with a family! Since then, I from an ignorant girl into a sentimental woman! Since the body gave him, more love him, care for him, but also more demands, whenever the dead of night, the thought of him in another woman’s side, I feel torn! Also from then on, my eyes often hang full of tears! I no longer refuse to accept money from him, and I am not so shy to accept his gifts! Just like the seaweed in the dwelling, slowly suffering numb, the only difference is that A is not like song siming so powerful and rich. He is just an ordinary family ordinary income ordinary well-off life! One day in the street, I happened to see A with his four-year-old child. At that time, my heart was rushing to my head, and my face was swelling red. Heart like a million knives in the cut! I’m not going back! I have been ignoring A since that day. I don’t know what’s wrong with me, how could I have such a reaction! He belongs to someone else. I just want someone who belongs to me completely! Then A might have sensed my reaction! Start crazy comfort me, good to me, say sorry to me, I ask him when divorce, not to say divorce? Are you responsible to me? He said it would take time, I believe it! Because A will spend A day with me on weekends, usually overnight. So wife A found out. His wife began hair biao, cry two make three hang oneself, even make to the unit. Still don’t care the child, A mention divorce, text message dialogue all showed me. His wife was 28, nine years younger than A. His wife’s exact words were, I’m old and yellow and have nothing, she’s young and beautiful and has a way out. Explain his wife’s situation here, (be A personal mouth to say, his wife also personally admit the fact) A is the ninth man of her wife, it is A wife’s own confession. A’s wife got to know A when she was working in A dance hall at the age of 20. Due to environmental reasons, A’s wife was living among men at that time, so she was always nervous, fell in love with A married man, and was aborted. According to A, when she saw her for the first time, she found her panic. Later, it was found that she had just had A abortion. At that time, A also had A family. Later, she resorted to some tricks, and it was said that she went down to A’s house to cry. Two years later, the first wife of A proposed divorce. A was also young and agreed. According to A’s own explanation, although the first marriage was quiet and not miasma, it was too dull. The first wife had A cold personality. Therefore, A was not retained. After the divorce, they naturally got together. His wife did not go with him at that time. She fell in love with her former boyfriend in the local area. Unfortunately, she only fell in love with him without having A meal. I tried my best to get in touch with A and moved to A’s provincial city to live together for some time. Later, A’s job was transferred back to the original place. After settling down, they stayed together on and off for three or four years. Then she proposed to get married. According to A’s later confession, he didn’t want to marry her at that time because he lived with her. A is bold. But A felt that he had slept with her, and he would feel embarrassed if he refused. So they agreed. So far, there has been no wedding ceremony. According to A, they had A meal at her uncle’s house and got the certificate. Since then, her wife has never worked again. At that time, she was 24 years old. When she got pregnant and gave birth to A child, A’s condition gradually improved. She asked A nanny to take care of her. Then it was her mother who took care of her. A said that she had bought A house after giving birth to her child, and A brought her parents to her home to do her best in filial piety. Since then, the war broke out. A’s parents were educated and well-bred. Age is old also, want to quiet only, because age is old the body is not too good also, do not do housework naturally so. That is to eat ready-made. Being taken care of. A’s wife is not willing, determined not to accommodate A’s parents, think her mother is waiting for A’s parents. Three days a big fight, two days a small fight life so continuous. Once there was A terrible quarrel, disturbing A said, she cursed A’s parents. A’s parents couldn’t stand it and moved out. A asked for A divorce, and she never gave up. Of course, that time A also moved out to rent A house instead of going home. According to A, after he moved out, she reported the loss of all her bank CARDS. Because the money A earned was taken home and handed over to her for safekeeping. From then on, she may have been frightened. Her parents taught her to bow down to A and A’s parents first and admit their mistakes and coax A back. As A result, A forgave her for the sake that the child was still young. The end result is that a leopard cannot change his spots. It’s just a delaying tactic. A said from that beginning more and more hate, A began to find young lady outside, philandering. Then I met him. Knowing all that happened, I felt deep sympathy for A. Objectively speaking, despite his marriage history, he is really a kind and good man. A little too much, but all the facts. All three admitted it themselves. The front said was A wife found, she will not divorce. Also said that the divorce will call her father hacked to death A, her father has mental illness. A because of work at that time, can not make too much. So agreed to all her requirements, said and I broke up. I was pregnant. An abortion. The kind of physical and mental pain. I’ll never forget it! Then A felt sorry for me. He made up with me again. It’s just more subtle. But I can’t stand it. Feel oneself from an innocent and pure become such as some dirty. I want to start a new life. I learned to surf the Internet. I met someone on the Internet who has a crush on me. A quit his job and moved to another province. Tell me to go with him and start a new life. I asked A, will she come? A says no. I like the desert to see the oasis. Full of expectations. M: well, if he quit his job for A change, he could get rid of his wife’s family. I am silly to believe again. But the reason told me, but did not find it cr合法徵信社edible, what about his children, A kind people can not leave the children? So I have my own plan, the person who has A crush on me on the Internet also happens to be from another province, which is only an hour’s drive away from A’s job change. I promised A to go to another province with him. On the second day when I arrived in another province, I proposed to go to XX city, which was actually the city where the person who had A crush on me lived. A agreed, and I told A the truth on the bus, because I didn’t want to cheat him. I said I saw through it. It’s hard to get a divorce. You have a shrew in your family, plus you’re a wimp. I don’t think so. Although I’m in pain. But short pain is better than long pain. I want to break up with you completely. I went to see XXX today. A listened for A long time not language, extremely uncomfortable, probably he himself also don’t know what to say, since he said divorce to have already had three years. When I went to meet the net friend, the net friend recognized me at a glance, I also recognized him, is very kind face. We played and talked side by side. It was easy. I felt normal again. But what was A doing at that time? I told him in advance that I would meet my net friend and he would drink his coffee. As A result, A actually followed me all the time, about 40 or 50 meters according to his own words, so I didn’t notice. A said he didn’t trust me, so I was cheated. Nowadays there are many bad people, and simple people like me are the most gullible. I say I am not already top you when! I want to start a new life. A said that he was afraid that the net friend was not sincere to me, but just looked at me young and beautiful. Afraid the net friend is not good to me and so on. I said so. At least he would marry me. To be his only wife. A cried, that was the first time I saw A strong man out of tears. Red eyes. A didn’t have dinner that night. He had always been a man who ate normally and valued his health above his life. He said I saw you and net friend together, my heart like a thousand knives in the stab. I can’t stand your company! To tell you the truth, I was touched at that time, but my heart was shocked, I said, I can not continue to fall in, this will take my life. A says, I am your first man. Only I will cherish you. No one else will. You can’t talk to other men. Men will mind. I said, I’ll take it. That’s my life. I told A that my net friend would visit me in my city on the weekend, so I went shopping and hiking with my net friend. A terrible. I said to A calmly, I wish you happiness. This is our life! Also hope you bless me, the net friend said May 1 we get married. However, A thought for A long time, suddenly hugged me and said to me sincerely, if I immediately divorced, you would not marry me, which shocked me, I said it was impossible, you have said for several years, I do not believe that this time is true. He was serious. This time it would happen anyway. I said that your family does not agree, I do not force you, force to happiness. But “A” said it would. Also asked me if he is older than the Internet friend, so even if he divorced single I do not want to marry him? Oh my god! My heart is a mirror. My body gave A, because my mind always thought that women should marry men for the first time! A: why don’t you trust him in this case? Unless I don’t want to marry him and think he is old? Then poor said love I can not without me and so on, I said, I do not force you, you can not get divorced or do not want to divorce, do not have anything to do with me, your commitment you can not do, please do not make a commitment. If you keep me this time, it will be hard for me to start again, and I will never leave again! Don’t blame me for embarrassing you! Think for yourself!! But A still firmly said that he did not lie, will divorce